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Christmas Squishmallow Trend

Squishmallows are taking over the world one plush pillow at a time

halloween squishmallow witch

Halloween Witch SquishMallow

Squishmallows are so kawaii cute! Super soft plush pillows, Squishmallows provide comfort, support, and entertainment! When you need someone to sit with you on the couch, bed with you at night, travel with you, or just be a friend, they are there for you. Squishmallows have their own unique backstory, which helps to distinguish them even further. 

A Squishmallow is a wonderful companion for all ages because it is soft and adorable and as such, they have become very collectible which is why you can't miss out on their Halloween Squishmallow range. Your children will fall in love with the soft and comfortable Halloween Squishmallow toys that you have chosen for them. This adorable bedtime companion may even assist you in putting your children to sleep at night!

halloween squishmallow pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin Squishmallow

Squishmallow Pumpkins are warm and cuddly, and they are the perfect size to take with you on your adventures. These squishy toys are super soft and have the cutest faces and features. Join forces with other Squishmallow fans and amass the entire Squishmallow collection of adorable stuffed animals. Squishmallows are suitable for people of all ages - whether they are babies, teenagers, or adults, there is something for everyone.

halloween squishmallow unicorn

Squishmallow Unicorn

halloween squishmallow unicorn

Come and be a part of the squad! If you want to see the latest and greatest Squishmallows, visit them via their Amazon brand store.

halloween squishmallow monsters inc

Squishmallow Monster Inc Disney

Increase the size of your Squish Squad with this super soft and cuddly Pixar plush collectible. Bring some of the Pixar magic into your home with this detailed and soft monster plush toy of Mike Wazowski. Extremely soft and authentic Squishmallows plush toys are made with high-quality, marshmallow-soft materials to provide hours of enjoyment. Disney has officially licensed this 14-inch Squishmallow plush toy.

halloween squishmallow skeleton

Squishmallow Skeleton

This Squishmallow skeleton and skull is perfect for your Halloween collection. It is warm and cuddly, and they are the perfect size to take with you on your trisk or treat Halloween adventures.

halloween squishmallows

The Suqishmallow trend

In 2017, #Squishmallows, a line of soft, huggable toys, were introduced to the public. Squishmallows were created by Kellytoy, which is owned by Jazwares, the parent company of Kellytoy.

Squishmallows are extremely popular among collectors, with many owning dozens, if not hundreds, of these colorful, kawaii, plush toys. Children, teenagers, and adults alike have become even more obsessed with Squishmallows since the Pandemic. Being home with only the Internet for a friend has wanted us to transport in some cuddly companions that can't make us ill!

Since then, a community of Squishmallow fans has risen, largely as a result of social media sites such as TikTok, who have come together to share their enthusiasm for Squishmallow companions. With over 800 Squishmallow characters to choose from, collectors have a plethora of options, and searching for rare characters has become a popular pastime among Squishmallow enthusiasts.

Squishmallows have become particularly popular among students and during Zoom classes, some students place their Squishmallows in the frame as a conversation starter or they may even appear on screen instead of the student! 

Squishmallows are already commanding high prices on the market. It has been reported that Squishmallows that are hard to find are being resold on websites such as Mercari for hundreds of dollars per pound of candy. Jonathan Kelly, co-president of Kellytoy, explained that the success of Squishmallows is due to the product's exclusivity, which contributes to its collectibility and helps to drive demand. To meet the demand for its products, he stated that his company is increasing production to keep up with the pace.

However, there are many equally kawaii, cute plush character pillows that are much cheaper than Squishmallows now available on the market (see those below), so the collectability must now be due to the brand name rather than the product's exclusivity.

NOT Squishmallows but just and kawaii

bat squishmallow like plushy

mummy squishmallow like halloween toy

halloween squishmallow like pumpkin


This blog contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission for sales made via eligible links at no cost to you.



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