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Zazzle - How to Create Products Consumers Want to Buy

I am LeahG, Platinum Seller over at Zazzle.

A lot of up-and-coming Zazzle sellers and Designers with great dreams of generating a living wage from Zazzle, which I wholeheartedly applaud. Here are a few pointers to get them started in sales rather than having to learn everything the hard way, which is to be expected given the nature of the business.

Top 3 suggestions:


Your goal should be to locate a niche that is almost untapped on Zazzle and then become the market leader in that space.

Why start a new niche when you can just piggyback the success of others with their designs?

If you try to sell something that has already been sold millions of times, or if you imitate the ideas and designs of successful sellers, or if you flood the market with topics that already have thousands of competitors, you will have a very difficult time getting noticed. Zazzle displays other designers' products on your page, that are in the same niche as your product and so you may still lose sales to competitors despite your best marketing efforts to direct consumers to your product page on Zazzle. So, think beyond the box, plan carefully, and craft a new niche with less competition that increases your chances of being seen and sold.


SEARCH Zazzle's marketplace for that design theme to discover what already exists before you make your own. Is the visual quality of your design on par with or better than that other design? What makes you think a buyer would pick your design over the currently popular product on the market if it isn't the same or better? What can you do to enhance yours? Do you have the resources to expand upon existing text templates, develop a new and enhanced design, or launch a product-specific marketing campaign?

The cold hard truth

Products designed by skilled Graphic Designers that are on par with those found in traditional retail stores tend to sell the best on Zazzle. Indeed, Zazzle has attracted a sizable number of professionally qualified Graphic Designers. Despite the fact that comparisons can be intimidating, if you're serious about selling and making money on Zazzle, you shouldn't be afraid to learn about graphic design and upgrade your talents, or to consider licensing art (make sure you're aware of all the terms of doing so). 

The alternative is to figure out how to design something that looks professional with a lot less expertise on your part, such as a commercially available photo with a popular quote or phrase, which simply requires uploading a quality image and adding a text template field with a suitable font.

Consider the question, "Why would a consumer buy this?"

  • Is it for decorative purposes
  • Can it be given as a gift
  • Is it a collectible item
  • Does it have a practical function
  • Does it support a hobby or interest

Consumers are actively seeking products that satisfy one of these needs or wants. A buyer will not, for instance, aimlessly browse stores in quest of a rabbit postcard. Users will only search for rabbit-related content if they either own a rabbit (in which case they will likely use the rabbit's specific breed, colour, etc. to narrow their search) or are trying to source a gift for a rabbit owner. It's also possible that the consumer isn't specifically seeking a rabbit product, but is searching for a hilarious quotation or meme involving rabbits, in which case your postcard might be displayed if you use titles, descriptions and tags that highlight it as a funny rabbit saying, phrase meme postcard.

It's important to constantly keep in mind the needs of the consumer. Your products won't appear before their eyes out of thin air; they have to be relevant to what they're looking for.

4. Dominate and Secure Your Niche

When I say "dominate" or "secure" your niche, what exactly do I mean? The nature of the beast is such that even if you discover a fantastic new niche, other designers will soon be capitalising on the same opportunity. Since ideas are not unique and cannot be copyrighted, you may need a more proactive long-term approach to secure your success and ensure that you continue to be the top seller in your new found niche.

1. Create a brand-new Zazzle shop with a name and address that are both relevant to your niche.

Customers feel more comfortable making a purchase from a shop that caters to their specific interest. You have nothing to lose if you don't have any flagship stores.

2. Keep your shop and your works under wraps for as many days, weeks, or months as it takes to amass a sizable inventory of original and thought-provoking goods. Set to private or direct only.

Why spend months creating something no one will see when you know you won't sell it?

Owning the lion's share of the niche market's consumables is a must if you want to establish and maintain your position of authority. Excellent artwork, viral memes, quotes, sayings, text templates, and more will be required for these goods. This requires a TON of effort. But when your NEW store opens, you'll be well-stocked to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers looking for products in that specific niche.

If you do not do this, you run the risk of having your new store and specialty products overtook by competitors if you unveil them too soon. To dominate a specific market segment, your offerings must be superior to those of the Zazzle sellers that are "hot on your coattails.

When others try to cash in on your success, you may need to rethink your pricing strategy. This has nothing to do with trying to undercut the competition or selling oneself short; rather, it's about giving customers what they perceive to be good value for their money. Furthermore, rivals who want to mimic your success will corner you. As a result, you need to make sure you have a steady stream of sales and enough ideas for new products to keep you afloat, all while hoping that other designers aren't particularly drawn to the blue tarantula market (as an example).

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