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ZAZZLE POD Sellers - Lots of Views But No orders? How to identify the problem and FIX it!

Zazzle lots of views no sales
How To Generate MORE Sales from LESS Views

If your views do not translate to sales, consider:

Is the description an accurate reflection of the design? 
If not this will mean the viewer bounces away as fast as they arrived. Visit high-traffic sites like Amazon, add your item type in search and see what is MOST POPULAR to give you an idea of what the consumer wants. Discount the sponsored ads in doing so.

How is the item priced?
Is it competitive in the market for this product type? How does the price compare with other items of the same type on Zazzle? Is your royalty competitive?

Are the template fields easily customizable? 
Does it have templates? Are the text fields easy to edit and make changes to? Are the text fields labeled clearly?

What is the competition doing? 
What 'other designs' feature alongside yours when it is being 'viewed'. The customer may be looking at yours initially, then drifting off to another product by another designer. They may also be distracted by 'ads' on the page. As such compare your highly viewed item to the competitors, is yours the best? Could it be better? Is a redesign an option? Ensure all your products are in a collection, niche specific. This doubles your chances of more of your products being seen.

I have a number of sales which result from 12 or less views. The secret? 
Getting the product seen by the right person at the right time when the price is right .... which is down in most cases to ladyluck but you can incease your luck by doing a lot of active marketing. A snapshot from a couple of my stores illustrates it is doable.

ZAZZLE POD Sellers - Lots of Views But No orders? How to identify the problem and FIX it!

ZAZZLE POD Sellers - Lots of Views But No orders? How to identify the problem and FIX it!

Active marketing includes: Sharing to multi-media, having a blog to create content which can also be shared to media, having your own Facebook pages and groups to represent your product type, joining those that allow self-promotion. Highlighting sales as they come along.