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Your BEST Ever Guide on planning the Perfect Halloween Party 2022

Let's have a ball this Halloween 2022!

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  • Unique Halloween party theme ideas
  • Halloween party planning guide
  • Halloween Game and Activity Ideas
  • Halloween facemasks - stay safe and look great 
  • Free Halloween graphics and printables
  • Free vintage Halloween poster downloads

The sky is getting darker and as the moon shines brightly on this cloudless night, you feel a chill and ghostly horrors in the air. It's October 31st, the last night of the month. It's Halloween night, and you've decided to throw a hauntingly exciting Halloween party. What a ghoulish delight! But where do you begin when it comes to planning your Halloween holiday celebration?

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It goes without saying that it has been a difficult couple of years for many of us. The Pandemic and Covid brought lockdown after lockdown, tragedy after tragedy, isolation, and stress. Just when we thought we had turned a corner, news broke that it was on the rise again. Halloween is the first holiday season in which we can celebrate without restrictions and with new hope that this horrible time is behind us. Let's make the most of it (safely - Halloween facemasks here). Here are some Halloween party ideas to help you forget about the previous year and embrace the future.

Halloween party theme Ideas 2022

  • Witches, Monsters and Ghosts
  • Murder Mystery Party
  • Vampires and Were Wolves ( think TV series Twilight and Originals for inspiration)
  • Harry Potter (Wizards and magic)
  • Evil Doll
  • Zombies
  • Sugar Art Skulls
  • Skeletons and Skulls (traditional but add a Gothic spin for a freaky geeky fest).Game of Thrones (Dragons, Kings and Queens)
  • Reptiles and Creepy Crawlies 
  • Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty - put a dark spin on them
  • Marvel super heroes 
  • Comic Con and Cosplay
  • Creepy version of Mad hatter Tea Party

10 top tips on how to plan a perfect unforgettable Halloween Party 2022

1: Halloween Party Kickoff 

Consider who will be attending the party - you or your children? When it comes to planning the Halloween theme of the party, Halloween decorations, Halloween recipes, and beverages, an adult Halloween party will be quite different from a children's Halloween party. Adults and older children typically enjoy being scared, but this is not the case for younger children. So, when planning your event, keep your guests' ages in mind. Once you've determined that, it's time to choose the date, time, and location of your Halloween party. Don't forget about the guest list.

2: Halloween party invitations 2022

You can buy Haloween party invitations or make them yourself with construction paper and glitter markers, or you could buy some cheap Halloween masks and write the words on the back. Include all of the pertinent information, such as the date, time, and location of your Halloween party, as well as a request for RSVPs.

I have designed some great Halloween Invitations and partyware with skulls, skeletons, creepy evil dolls, sexy witches and more. Page down to view these and more from other talented designers.

FREE Halloween Graphics, downloads for DIY invitaions, partyware and games

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3: Halloween food 2022

A Halloween party would not be complete without a variety of tasty Halloween treats. Make a menu plan and a shopping list. Make as much in advance as possible, and choose Halloween food that can be bought or made ahead of time and stored or frozen. 

You can turn your kids' favorite dishes into spooky snacks. With a little inventiveness, you can make some monstrous nibbles for Halloween without breaking the bank. You can turn practically anything into a Halloween treat by adding a dash of evil.

halloween food ideas

  • The leftover pumpkin flesh from carving a handful of pumpkins into scary masterpieces to decorate your home means it's time to create some pumpkin Halloween delights. Some of the greatest Halloween recipes with leftover pumpkin include pies, soups, cookies, and muffins.
  • Apples are another seasonal Halloween culinary staple. Toffee apples are delicious Halloween snacks, and bobbing for apples is a fun Halloween party activity for the youngsters. 
  • Make some frightening cookies for your Halloween celebration. The fun comes from utilizing Halloween themed cookie cutters like bats, ghosts, and Jack O'Lanterns, or just letting your creativity run wild and creating your own free hand creations. The scary icing on these Halloween treats is made with food coloring.
  • Make popcorn ghosts for a fun Halloween treat idea. Simply form your favorite popcorn ball recipe into ghostly shapes. With a Popsicle stick handle and jellybean eyes, this Halloween treat is complete. 

4: Haunted Halloween Pumpkins 

Buy your pumpkins early to ensure a good selection. You can make a variety of interesting jack-o-lantern ghosts by selecting a variety of pumpkin shapes and sizes. Don't forget about the miniature pumpkins, which can be used as party favors or Halloween decorations. Carve your pumpkins the day before the party and double-check that you have enough candles , torches, LED lights and glow sticks.

pumpkins jack o lanterns

5: Halloween Costumes 2022

trex halloween costume

mad hatter halloween costumeLet's get freaky! Having a fancy dress, costume party and assuming a new identity is always exciting. So plan ahead of time for your and your family's Halloween party costumes so you don't have to scramble around at the last minute. 

You can make your own Halloween costume with the help of lots of great online Youtube tutorials, you can hire a costume or you can buy a costume. You can also hunt around your local preloved and thrift stores for anything you can use to put a great costume idea together. Think outside the box!

If you're buying a costume you could arrange to trade costumes with friends and family in following years to cut costs and ensure this is not a one-time use purchase.

  • Zombie
  • Pirates
    jester halloween costume
  • Superheros
  • Villains
  • Werewolf
  • Vampire
  • Movie Characters
  • Marvel Character
  • The Joker/Batman Costumes
  • Iron Man Costume
  • Indiana Jones
  • Harry Potter
  • Ghosts
  • Sports/Olympics Related Halloween Costumes
  • Poltical Figures, past and present presidents
  • Pirates
  • Creepy Clowns
  • Evil Dolls
  • Fantastic Four
  • Sexy Witch/Bunny/Nurse/Maid

kids halloween costume

steampunk halloween costume

zombies halloween costume

funny dog halloween costume

6: Halloween Party Games 2022

halloween games idea bingo
Halloween games and always popular with Halloween party guests, young and old alike. So consider what Halloween fun your guests might enjoy and gather all of the materials you'll need ahead of time. Also, have some extra Halloween activities on hand in case a game that you expect to last 45 minutes only lasts 20. Don't forget about Halloween prizes! Have a winners prize, a losers prize and participation prizes so no one is left out.

Halloween Bingo is a fun idea, make your own or buy online readymade.

Scavenger Ghost hunt

Buy some lollipops on sticks and make little ghost covers for them. You can then place them around the house or outdoors (assuming the edible part is safely wrapped and protected from the elements) and then the kids and adults can enjoy a'ghost hunt! If it is after dark, use torches and glow sticks, and hang fake cobwebs about for an eerie effect. I made a couple of fake legs and feet one year by stuffing an old pair of trousers and adding shoes. I then placed these next to the shed so it looked like the shed had fallen on someone. If these are witch legs ... even better (Wizard of Oz theme).

halloween game ideas ghost hunt

halloween game idea cans

Pumpkin bowling:

Like regular bowls but use small pumpkins. Also beanbag and can bowling. Make your own or buy from Amazon.


Using toilet rolls have a few willing 'mummies' with team of people to wrap them in toilet paper from head to toe in a set time limit. The team with the most complete mummy after the time is up wins!

Walk the plank

Use a narrow piece of long paper or fabric to create a fake 'plank'. Particpants need to dart across the plank trying not to step over the edge. Stepping over the edge they lose! The winner stays on.
halloween game eyeball spoon race

Eyeball Spoon Race

You can make eyeballs by painting horse-chestnuts or hard-boiled eggs or buy a readymade set from Amazon.

Mystery Feels 

Carve out the insides of a pumpkin and keep that gloopy flesh! Add some creepy items and then put the gloopy pumpkin flesh back inside the pumpkin. Ask your brave blindfolded guests to dare to reach inside the pumpkin and see what they can grab.  Make some eyeballs by painting Horse Chestnuts or conkers. Cook some spaghetti to represent slimy worms. Dried Apricots make great tongus. Grapes Peeled are also good for Eyeballs and for fingers use baby carrots.

halloween games sack race
Halloween Sack Race

You can decorate and make your own Halloween sacks using potato sacks or buy readymade via Amazon.

Is There a Ghost in the House?

Before you begin, you must designate someone, usually the party host, as the ghost. To begin the game, have everyone stand completely quietly while they listen for the ghost. The ghost then walks around them, quietly approaching one of the players. The ghost begins silently counting to ten, and if the person standing behind the ghost does not say 'is there a ghost behind me?' before the ghost finishes counting, the ghost informs that player that he is dead and out of the game. However, if the player says, "Is there a ghost behind me?" the ghost joins the player in attempting to eliminate all the others one by one. If all of the players are eliminated, the ghost wins; otherwise, the last player to become the ghost wins. 

7: Halloween music and sounds 

Halloween music is an excellent way to elicit emotion. Scary Halloween sounds are a haunting combination of chilling sound effects that create a sinister atmosphere making the partygoers tremble with fear and shiver with suspense. 
Sometimes the music is based on themes from scary movies. Sound effects include howls, shrieks, and screams, owls hooting, ghostly sounds, scary laughter and creepy footsteps. There are many special music CDs available for purchase, or you can make your own. 

halloween music ideas

8:Halloween Party Favors 

halloween party favors ideas

Party favors add a fun touch to any Halloween party and your guests can take them home after the Halloween party as a momento.  They don't have to be elaborate or expensive Party Favors; they can be as simple as a small plastic toy or as elaborate as a homemade resin skull!

halloween party favors stickers

  • halloween trick or treat ideas

    Candle favors are a great non-edible option for Halloween. Look for votive holders with a 'Halloween' theme, such as black and orange. An orange votive is ideal for the holder! Halloween party cups have also grown in popularity. These are typically made of acrylic (which is very durable) and have a Halloween motif on them.
  • You might also wish to offer treat bags with candy, candy maize, or black and orange M&Ms.  
  • Children's rings, necklaces, bracelets, toy watches, and other small jewelry can be used as party favors. 
  • An assorted collection of bugs, spiders, vampire teeth, and bats can also be used as Halloween party favors. 
  • What kid doesn't enjoy collecting stickers? A lovely bag loaded with an assortment of Halloween stickers is sure to make kids and teens happy.
  • Glow sticks keep kids occupied for extended periods of time.
  • Flashlights with images of ghosts and pumpkins can also be very entertaining.
  • You can buy foam masks or cutouts in a variety of Halloween themes. They can then wear the masks or cutouts to other gatherings or even take them trick-or-treating.
  • Coloring bag for Halloween Maybe a lovely small bag with colorful Halloween notepads and a cute Halloween crayon. Presented in a basic bag.

9: Halloween Decorations 

halloween decorations lights hatsDecorating your garden, yard and house for Halloween can be a lot of fun and does not have to be expensive. Experiment with Halloween lighting and smoke machine effects, cobweb sprays, plastic bats, spiders placed around indoor and outdoors. 

  • Add some spider webs to your Halloween decorations for a frightening effect.
  • To give your Halloween decorations a worn and abandoned aspect, collect old, torn, ragged, and shredded apparel from Halloween merchants.
  • Get some scarecrows to add to your Halloween décor. Put some on the front porch, backyard, and party hall.
  • A lighted jack-o-lantern on your front porch is also a terrific idea. Bring several plastic jack-o-lanterns available at stores and light them with battery candles.
  • Use haystacks for seating.
  • Use more autumn colors like orange, gold, and brown in your décor.
  • Pumpkins, carved, natural and painted are great Halloween decor.
  • Tombstones
  • Inflatable ghosts, witches and monsters
  • There has been a trend of doing the 18+ movie theme of adding fake 'corpses' to gardens. Not my taste but that's a new popular theme.

halloween decorations lights hats

creepy halloween decoration

halloween decorations lights hats

halloween decorations lights hats

zombie sign halloween decoration

halloween decorations lights hats

legs under car house halloween decoration

halloween decorations lights hats

Spiders are simple to make using foam balls, black spray paint, and chenille stems. You could also make a window Web out of black ribbon links and yarn with a strategic weaving pattern to add a shadow effect.

halloween spider web decorations

You can craft your front yard into the most frightful and sinister haunted house of horrors by using outdoor Halloween decorations. If you have a large yard, you could set up a rickety graveyard fence with some Halloween tombstones and other Halloween haunted props. 

halloween inflatables decorations

You could have ghosts, witches, goblins, or other creepy critters floating around with your haunted house props.
halloween balloons

10: Party Guests Arrival 

It's that time of year again - Halloween party night - and your guests are about to arrive. Take a quick look around to ensure that everything is in order and that your home is a safe environment. Maintain a porch light so that everyone can see any steps or other obstacles.

Vintage Halloween Posters - Free printables and downloads 

Click on the images to download larger sizes

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vintage halloween poster download printables

Halloween Invitations and Masks

Personalized HALLOWEEN Gable Box CREEPY DOLL BloodPersonalized HALLOWEEN Gable Box CREEPY DOLL Blood

Vintage Goth Skulls Purple Orange Flowers Baby InvitationVintage Goth Skulls Purple Orange Flowers Baby Invitation

Personalized HALLOWEEN Gable Box Haunted HousePersonalized HALLOWEEN Gable Box Haunted House

Murder Mystery Invites Crime Scene Investigation 2Murder Mystery Invites Crime Scene Investigation 2

Vintage Goth Skulls Purple Orange Floral 15th Bday InvitationVintage Goth Skulls Purple Orange Floral 15th Bday Invitation

Creepy Doll Costume Party Halloween Evil Scary InvitationCreepy Doll Costume Party Halloween Evil Scary Invitation

Halloween Unicorn Face Invitations ANY EVENTHalloween Unicorn Face Invitations ANY EVENT

Vintage Goth Skulls Purple Orange Flowers Baby InvitationVintage Goth Skulls Purple Orange Flowers Baby Invitation

FUNNY Halloween Bachelorette Party Invites WitchesFUNNY Halloween Bachelorette Party Invites Witches

Naughty Witch Baby Shower Halloween Party InviteNaughty Witch Baby Shower Halloween Party Invite

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Vintage Calligraphy InvitationHalloween Murder Mystery Party Vintage Calligraphy Invitation

Vintage Gothic Skulls Purple Orange Flowers Goth InvitationVintage Gothic Skulls Purple Orange Flowers Goth Invitation

Modern Day of The Dead Fiesta Invites Pink BlackModern Day of The Dead Fiesta Invites Pink Black

Halloween Unicorn Face Birthday Purple Orange Gold InvitationHalloween Unicorn Face Birthday Purple Orange Gold Invitation

Modern Day of The Dead Fiesta Invites Sugar SkullModern Day of The Dead Fiesta Invites Sugar Skull

Gothic Wedding Vintage Watercolor Flowers Skulls InvitationGothic Wedding Vintage Watercolor Flowers Skulls Invitation

Trendy Gothic Skull Roses Maroon Street Fashion Adult Cloth Face MaskTrendy Gothic Skull Roses Maroon Street Fashion Adult Cloth Face Mask

Gothic Wedding Vintage Floral Purple Skulls InvitationGothic Wedding Vintage Floral Purple Skulls Invitation

Quinceanera Day of The Dead GOTH Girl Sugar Skulls InvitationQuinceanera Day of The Dead GOTH Girl Sugar Skulls Invitation

Gothic PHOTO Wedding/Engagement Purple Skulls InvitationGothic PHOTO Wedding/Engagement Purple Skulls Invitation

Vintage Goth Skeleton Wedding Engagement InvitationVintage Goth Skeleton Wedding Engagement Invitation

Rustic Pumpkin BABY SHOWER Watercolor FALL Modern InvitationRustic Pumpkin BABY SHOWER Watercolor FALL Modern Invitation

Day of The Dead Bridal Baby Shower Sugar Skull InvitationDay of The Dead Bridal Baby Shower Sugar Skull Invitation

Gothic Wedding Deep Red Grey Gold Skulls InvitationGothic Wedding Deep Red Grey Gold Skulls Invitation

Halloween Murder Mystery House Spooky Modern InvitationHalloween Murder Mystery House Spooky Modern Invitation

GOTH Baby Stats Arrival Announcement Halloween PostcardGOTH Baby Stats Arrival Announcement Halloween Postcard

BOO BRUNCH Bridal Shower Purple Orange Halloween  InvitationBOO BRUNCH Bridal Shower Purple Orange Halloween Invitation

Trendy Halloween Pumpkins Purple Orange Fashion Adult Cloth Face MaskTrendy Halloween Pumpkins Purple Orange Fashion Adult Cloth Face Mask

Trendy Halloween Skulls Purple Orange Fashion Adult Cloth Face MaskTrendy Halloween Skulls Purple Orange Fashion Adult Cloth Face Mask

Trendy Goth Skull Roses Coral Gray Street Fashion Adult Cloth Face MaskTrendy Goth Skull Roses Coral Gray Street Fashion Adult Cloth Face Mask

Goth Skull and Rose Burgundy and Black Gothic Face MaskGoth Skull and Rose Burgundy and Black Gothic Face Mask

ZOMBIE BRIDE DOLL Bachelorette Party Halloween Invitation

Do you know how the holiday of Halloween originated? 

Halloween is one of those holidays that is celebrated by the majority of people all over the world. Halloween is observed on the 31st of October every year. Despite the fact that Halloween is celebrated in a number of countries, few people in these countries are aware of the holiday's true origins. There are many people who believe that the origins of Halloween can be traced back to various satanic worshipers throughout history. But this is incorrect, and not everyone is aware of this fact, which is unfortunate. 

Interestingly enough, the term "Halloween" has deep historical roots in the Catholic church. It's a kind of twisted version of "All Hallow's Eve" or "All Saints Night," which was a festival held in honor of saints on November 1st that has since been corrupted. A celebration of Samhain (pronounced "sow-en"), the Celtic version of New Years Eve, was held on October 31st in honor of the goddess of harvest. Because of thousands of years of dilution, the two became confused with one another.

Halloween was introduced to the United States by Irish immigrants in the 1840s. The Celts believed that certain epochs in history were marked by supernatural occurrences. Despite modern times, the proverbial "witching hour" remains a well-known expression. The beginning of a new year was thought to be particularly potent, and the "veil between the worlds" was at its thinnest at this time of year. This was thought to be a particularly good time to commune with the dead or to learn one's fortune.

Because Samhain was regarded as a "untime," the people believed that chaos reigned and would engage in outlandish behavior as well as unusually high spirits to commemorate the occasion. It was customary on this night for people to dress up as fairies or "spooks" and run from house to house begging for candy.

They would carry a turnip that had been carved with a small face on it, which would be used to hold a flame to illuminate their path. Even if the homeowner refused to cooperate, the group would harass him with pranks and practical jokes. This is most likely the origin of the phrase "trick or treat."

The Celts would extinguish their home fires and travel to the center of Ireland, where a Druidic fire would be lit by rubbing two pieces of wood together, which would later be blessed by the Druids, before returning home. People would return home with a torch that had been lit by this sacred fire and would relight their hearths once more. This was most likely a symbol of the beginning of a new year.

Samhain was the last of the harvest festivals, and anything left in the fields after this day was regarded as "fairy food," which was unfit for human consumption, according to the tradition. Making predictions about the future was one of the most popular activities during the evening.

Tossing apples was originally used as a form of marriage divination, with the first person to bite into an apple being the person who would marry first in the new year. Another apple divination method was to peel an apple and measure the length of the peel to determine how long your life would last. Lastly, the most joyful of all was when each person would place a stone in the hearth ashes before going to bed, knowing that if their stone was disturbed when they awoke, they would die within the year.

According to Irish folklore, there once was a prankster named Jack who managed to trick the Christian devil into climbing a tree and escape. After that, Jack carved a cross into the wood, effectively trapping the devil. Jack made a pact with the devil, promising that if the devil did not tempt him again, he would be released.

In the aftermath of his death, Jack was denied entry into heaven due to his "evil" actions. When he went to hell, the devil refused to let him in because of the ruse Jack had pulled on him. The devil, on the other hand, provided him with a single ember with which to navigate his way between the worlds.

Jack put the ember inside a turnip out of fear that it would burn out completely. As a result, the Jack O'Lantern was born. When Irish immigrants arrived in America, they switched from growing turnips to growing pumpkins because pumpkins were more plentiful there.

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This blog contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission for sales made via eligible links at no cost to you.



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