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What Gift Should I Buy A Rabbi? Top 10 Gift Ideas For Rabbis 2022

dancing rabbis
There are many occasions outside of Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Hanukkah that you may want to give your Rabbi (or a Rabbi you know) a gift even though there is no expectation to do so. 

You may be wondering what would be an appropriate gift for a Rabbi, that the Rabbi would enjoy and appreciate and may even be practical? Bearing in mind your gift will not be the only one this Rabbi will receive you need to give this some careful thought.

Judaica gifts for rabbi
Should I buy Judaica as a gift for a Rabbi?

Rabbi are traditionally bought Judaica as gifts. Judaica are literary or historical materials relating to Jews or Judaism. Judaica for Rabbi gifts might include religious books, artworks, candlesticks, ties with specific religious themes, kippot, tallitot, seder plates, etc. There will be a lot of gifts that look the same, serve the same function, and are sadly surplus to requirement. Judaica that can't be found a nice spot to be displayed might end up in boxes in the spare room. You do not want this to be the destination for your rabbi gift! 

Amazon Judaica Gifts For Rabbis

I have done some research and come up with what I hope is a practical, unique list of gifts you can buy a Rabbi that will not end up boxed-away!


1.Funny Dancing Rabbis mugs, keychains, t-shirts and more! 

dancing rabbi mug
Have you met my three dancing Rabbis? These dancing Rabbis cartoons are funny, friendly and cute and having such a great time! If your Rabbi has a great sense of humor and I am sure he does, he will love a mug featuring his favorite dancing Rabbis! These dancing Rabbis are available via Redbubble and on Zazzle. On Zazzle you can add text, a funny gag line or your Rabbi's name. You can so transfer the design to other gifts. 

funny dancing rabbis
This design is exclusive to me and my stores, making it even more special and unique!

1. Funny Mugs for Rabbi 

rabbi mug yiddish insults
This Yiddish insults mug would make a funny gift for your Rabbi if you know he or she has a good sense of humor! Available from Amazon.

It is a large mug so great for using as a pen and pencil storage on the desk.
funny oy vey rabbi mug
This funny Oy Vey mug allows you to add personalized text so you can add a funny quote or greeting for your Rabbi to make this a unique gift he can enjoy.

This is not an obvious choice. Rabbi's have many commitments and time is something they need to track very carefully. A personalized 'themed' clock is an unusual, yet practical gift which also can have a wonderful commemorative value. Especially after you add the relevant text. Here are some Rabbi commemorative clocks that your Rabbi can hang in the office, at home or other place they use regularly as desired. 


gift for rabbi foot spa
This is an unexpected Rabbi gift that will be very welcome! Rabbi are on their feet a lot as they travel to various sectors of their community. By the time they arrive home and they slip off their shoes, their feet might be swollen. With a foot spa, they can unwind in a comfy chair, with a good book, a glass of that kosher wine I mentioned earlier and put their feet in their foot spa for soothing, aromatic relief! Trust me your Rabbi will love you for this. You Rabbi will know you understand the physical demands of a Rabbi's day.



Who doesn't love a good gadget! If your Rabbi likes a bit of DIY then a DIY gadget might be a good idea. Alternatively, a gadget related to cooking or perhaps something for a photography hobby or other interest. It doesn't need to be expensive, just something easily portable that makes a routine job easier or more fun!


kosher gift basket

Gift baskets are a great choice as you can tailor them and buy small items to complete it. Ensure you include only Kosher food and wine. Alternatively our Rabbi gift basket can be interest or hobby themed. 

You could put together a reading basket with a few good books, add a bookmark and a reading light. A self-care basket might be a  nice choice with some relaxing items such as comfy socks, a scented candle, bath bubbles, massage oil and so on. If your Rabbi enjoys golf or music, you could make up a gift basket that would suit this interest.


Lots of choices here for Gift Vouchers - Amazon has a wide range. If you know your Rabbi well you can ensure it is for a store he visits often. 

8. SEFORIM - limited edition, first print, rare book.


Kosher wine is at the SAFEST gift you can buy for a Rabbi due to its simplicity, affordability and pretty universal appeal among Rabbi. If you are buying food or drink as a gift for a Rabbi, remember that it should always be Kosher. A nice bottle of kosher merlot can be gifted to a Rabbi to use for kiddush at the shul, or for other occasions when wine is formally present.

10. Music/TV network subscription

What a great way to help your Rabbi make savings and ensure a gift all his/her family can enjoy. Find out what your Rabbi would like a subscription for and offer to pay the first year or first 2 months etc.


This blog contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission for sales made via eligible links at no cost to you.



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