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How To Make A Cute Honey Bee Hive With Needle Felt

needle felt beehive bees
I have only just discovered the wonderful world of needle felt crafts and for my second project, I am going to create this beautiful Honey Bee hive and bees. I love all things bees and even have my own Save The World Save Bees group on Facebook.. please join!

You can make this honey bee hive with a felt kit via Amazon as seen here, however I will be making mine using existing materials that I have.

TIP: if you are making a large item with felt, rather than use all your best felt wool for the structure you can use a cheaper version (as seen here) as the base and then felt your best wool to the top!


How to make a more detailed Felt Bumble Bee

I made a miniature version of the needle felt beehive and it doesn't look much like the one that you create with the kit! I love it all the same. Have fun crafters.

how to make needle felt beehive bees

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