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Unique Gift Idea for those interested in Herbal Remedies and Natural Health! 2022

12 Medicinal Herbs to grow indoors all year round

I have just placed an order for this medicinal herbs grow kit so will write a detailed review when it arrives. I might be making a mistake attempting to grow my own medicinal herbs given my track record for growing anything green is poor. Even my succulents are struggling! Still, I am going to give it a whirl. 

While looking at the range of medicinal herb kits on Amazon (huge variety but I've gone with the Amazon recommended one with best/most reviews - also good value) it occurred to me how lovely it would be to receive this as a gift! Previous to a moment ago I never knew such a kit existed, I just hoped it did when I decided to do an Amazon medicinal herb kit search. Is there literally nothing you can't buy on Amazon? Seriously ... I was amazed and delighted all at the same time.

I have long been a fan of natural health. I make my own Colloidal silver and I have my own Apothecary cabinet (pics will follow soon) and I love gifting my friends my homemade lotions and potions! They tell me they use them, I hope they do. It's one of those things, you can never be quite sure if they're just being polite. Like when my nan used to gift me a knitted jumper every week. I swear I was drowning in jumpers knitted using patterns from my nans youth! Bless her. Anyway that aside, I think my natural health sharing efforts are appreciated.

Recently I was gifted some dried and wrapped Bay leaves my friend had grown and prepared ready for burning around the home. After a shelf fell off the wall I did go around the house with my burning Bay sprig! I think it should have been Sage however. Never mind, the house smelled lovely.

Rambling aside here are some more wonderful grow your own herbs indoors, at home, all year around kits, different seed types for different purposes. Have a peep and let me know if you grow your own medicinal herbs and if so how did use them?

Personalized Gardening Journal   

I wonder if I should invest in a 
gardening journal! That might be overly ambitious given this is a fairly small herb garden project. These are some journals I designed earlier for gifting to family and friends for recording their green fingered exploits. They make a nice little keepsake to hand over when filled to a younger member of the family ... a generational hand-me-down. ..heirloom!

Here's some useful reading on medicinal herb gardening for beginners (me).

The History and Benefits of Growing Medicinal Herbs By Janet Suzalski  

Medicinal herbs also known as botanical herbs have been used for centuries to heal and treat all sorts of ailments that one may experience during a lifetime. Herbs were the first means of healthcare known and it was valued for its diversity. These plants were used not only for medicine, but for food, clothing, shelter, and currency as well. Growing medicinal herbs has become a very common practice amongst many households because of the reawakening or increased awareness of their medicinal and therapeutic benefits of our now time. 

The flower, leaves, roots, stems and berries of medicinal herbs is what is commonly used to relieve and treat ailments. These herbs can be extracted and prepared in forms such as capsules, ointments, teas, extracts, tinctures, poultices, syrups, lozenges, etc. Herbs have been on the planet earth since the beginning of times and have a very extensive history. In fact, most modern conventional medicine or drugs are derived from herb plants using either a synthesized form of a plant or plant extracts. 

Lets take for instance Vincristine, a cancer medication, is derived from the herb periwinkle; then you have drugs such as Salicylic acid that came from the meadowsweet plant and willow bark. Another common medicine used for respiratory distress and decongestion is Ephedrine, which comes from Ephedra. Ephedra used in its synthetic form is in many of the commercial sinus, allergy and cold and flue medications with the ingredient name pseudo ephedrine, with the prefix term "pseudo" meaning: not actually but having the appearance of; pretended; false or spurious. 

So, when you begin to look at the origin of many conventional medicines you will see the pattern and that many medicines do in fact derive from herb plants or the mother medicine. The following are some medicinal herbs that were grown and widely used amongst ancient civilizations: 

  • Echinacea- used to fight infections and boost the immune system. 
  • Hyacinth- used to release excess water from the body. 
  • Yarrow- used to reduce fevers and rid colds. 
  • Marshmallow Root- used to relieve an irritated digestive tract and sore throats. 
  • Peppermint- used to treat vomiting, nausea and upset stomachs Senna Leaf- Used for chronic constipation Alder Berries- Treats and eliminates worms 
  • Yellow Dock- Treat skin diseases and help clean the blood Wormwood- treats irritable bowel syndrome and gastric distress Lavender- treats insomnia, headaches and relieves a stressful body 

The benefits of having medicinal herbs around are second to none and are highly recommended that one has some of these fresh herbs on hand. Not only are medicinal herbs beneficial in treating ailments but many of them are versatile and can be used for culinary, ornamental and aromatic purposes as well, giving you the best of all worlds. 

Growing medicinal herbs has always been a common practice amongst our ancestors. The organic system was that mother taught daughter and so on. Once scientific methods were developed and a synthesized form of the plant was created in the form of what we know as drugs or conventional medication today; the culture, rich history and divinity of herbal medicine became known as unconventional and somehow what always worked seemed to become of less importance and considered unscientific.


Janet Suzalski is a herb garden enthusiast and enjoys spending her time writing & teaching others about herb gardening. For more great information and tips on growing medicinal herbs visit her site at and while you are there feel free to sign up to her FREE Mini-Course on Herb Gardening Secrets. Article Source

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