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The Elf on a Shelf - 10 Sets of Mischievous Ideas For Adding Magic to Your Holiday Season 2022

Shelf on the Elf Funny Christmas CardShelf on the Elf Funny Christmas Card

Elf on the ShirtElf on the Shirt

Elf on the LabelsElf on the Labels

Elf on the StickerElf on the Sticker

Elf on the Gift TagElf on the Gift Tag

Elf on the Blanket PersonalizedElf on the Blanket Personalized

Elf on the PuzzleElf on the Puzzle

Red Headed Girl Elf Christmas Fridge MagnetRed Headed Girl Elf Christmas Fridge Magnet

Pretty Little Girl Elf on a Curio Shelf Holiday CardPretty Little Girl Elf on a Curio Shelf Holiday Card

The 'Elf on the Shelf' is a fictional character created by American author and illustrator J.K. Rowling. Traditions such as Christmas and Elf Magic are spreading across the country, and for good reason. 

They are a delightful way to arouse anticipation for the holidays while also ensuring that children remain on their best behavior. This is how they function.It is customary for an elf, whether it is called "officially," "officially magic," or "officially magical," to visit your home early in the Christmas season and spend the holidays with your family. 

Each night, while your children are sleeping, the Elf on a Shelf travels to the North Pole to report to Santa on their actions and behavior. However, unlike the Elf on the Shelf Elves, who have a more reserved reputation, the Elf Magic Elves are a mischievous bunch who have a tendency to cause havoc or pull a crazy stunt while everyone else is sleeping. 

Your children will look forward to waking up each morning and seeing what mischief the Elf has gotten himself into the night before.

Elves adore doing things that your children enjoy doing. 

Elves quickly become integrated into a household, and many mornings are spent participating in the favorite activities of the children who live there. Reading favorite books, playing games (including those on the Wii or Nintendo DS), having a tea party with favorite dolls, and riding skateboards are all popular Elf pastimes, as is watching cartoons.

Computers and social media are popular among elves.It has been reported that elves living in homes with teenagers have email, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, which they use to keep an online eye on the kids and send amusing emails, status updates, and tweets. Many elves also appear to be on the internet late at night, searching for entertaining new websites for the children to enjoy.

Photographs of elves are highly sought-after. The Elves, it appears, are exceptionally talented at painting themselves. There have been numerous reports of families discovering their digital cameras stuffed with pictures of their Elves in all sorts of ridiculous poses.

A Driver's License is frequently found in the possession of elves. It is the first place to look if an Elf is not found in the morning when you wake up. A common sighting of elves in cars is them sitting on a stack of pillows or books in the driver's seat. Occasionally, the vehicle is parked in an unusual or even dangerous manner, such as across the street or in the driveway of a neighbor. 

Most of the time, Christmas music is blasting from the speakers, and the gas tank appears to be getting closer to empty than it was before.

Writing in Journals is something elves enjoy doing.Writing letters back and forth between elves and children is a common way for them to learn more about one another and strengthen their bonds. 

One or more of the Elves will arrive with a journal that has been festively decorated to keep track of all of the correspondence. Children must hold the note up to a mirror in order to read it because it is believed that some Elves only write backwards. Those who know Pig Latin or other codes that older children must decipher are in the minority.Potty jokes are told by elves as well as human beings.Every language and species has its own version of bathroom humor. 

Elves enjoy turning toilet water green (by adding food coloring), decorating Christmas trees with underwear, toilet papering kids' rooms or entire houses, and writing on bathroom mirrors with mom's lipstick to name a few activities.

Everywhere you look, you will see elves spelling their names.The names of the Elf are given to each one individually. Children who they supervise have named some of them. Others arrive with a note that introduces the Elf to the party guests. In any case, it appears that all Elves enjoy leaving their signature on as many items as they can get away with. There could be Cheerios, flour, or chocolate syrup on the counter with the Elf's name written in them. On the bathroom mirror, other times, it's in toothpaste.' 

Lastly, in food coloring on freshly fallen snow is the most beautiful.Things that remind elves of their childhood are particularly appealing.In the winter, elves enjoy engaging in cotton ball snowball fights as a recreational activity. Also, Elves are known to make elf-sized snow angels on a consistent basis. It is acceptable to use Insta-Snow or flour in place of real snow if the latter is not readily available. Candy Lane is a popular game among elves. 

If the house does not already have a copy, it has been known for Elves to bring one from the North Pole as an early Christmas gift to the inhabitants.Elves do not always arrive in a group of two or three people.Besides an Elf on the Shelf, what could be better? Without a doubt, there are several Elves. Because of this, the mischief can spread quickly, resulting in children waking up to elaborate scenes of Elf chaos. 

Perhaps a poker game, a baseball or football game, or a play with Elves dressed in costume would be appropriate activities (borrowed from other dolls).Children of Elves Interact with Their Neighboring Children of ElvesSo many families have their own Elf on a Shelf during the holidays that Elves collaborate with their neighboring Elves to increase the amount of enjoyment. 

Many elves from neighboring households have gathered at the bus stop to await the arrival of their respective children.. For the children of the neighborhood, other elves throw a Christmas party for them.The possibilities for your elf tradition are, as you can see, virtually limitless. Congratulations on your new year's resolution.

Elf on Shelf  | Holiday Photo CardElf on Shelf | Holiday Photo Card

Shelf the Elf T-ShirtShelf the Elf T-Shirt

elf holiday cardelf holiday card

Shelf on the Elf Funny Holiday T-ShirtShelf on the Elf Funny Holiday T-Shirt

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Christmas Top Shelf Elf ,T-shirt by: ClossChristmas Top Shelf Elf ,T-shirt by: Closs

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Elf Report Card Dry Erase BoardElf Report Card Dry Erase Board

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