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Create Own Christmas Cards - PHOTO Collage, Modern Templates 2019

Prepare your family Christmas, Holiday photo postcards NOW - here's why! Be creative for 2019 and send family and friends a holiday photo card that expresses your festive sentiments and shows off your beautiful family. To make this a success and ensure prompt delivery you will need plenty of time to discuss a theme, try out a range of outfits, create a set and most importantly gather your whole family together.

Getting together with all the family can be harder than anticipated if you want to include family members who are not living in the same household or work, study away etc. This is a very good reason to start planning now to ensure beautiful seasonal holiday photos.
Christmas Holiday Family Photo Card Time LineDecide a theme for your family photos October latestDecide who to include in  your photos and arrange for them to be present on photo taking day - which should be no later than start of October.Prepare clothing and set Pose and take family photos early OctoberOrder you…

|memorial, Funeral, celebration of Life Message Ideas

Express Your Condolences With A Sympathetic Message
Finding words for sad occasions isn't easy and sometimes we get it wrong. Below are suggestions as to how to word messages of sympathy so as to comfort and not offend, phrases to avoid and verses to include in cards of condolenceAlso featured is a range of cards and memorial gifts that include words of sympathy and condolence that you can further personalize to ensure your genuine sadness at the loss of the deceased is conveyed.
Words of Sympathy and Comfort for the Loss of a Mother or Father
Express Your Condolences for the loss of Mother, Father or other with words that express your sincere sadness for their loss and that you are thinking of them.

"I am so sorry for your loss, losing a mother / father is one of the worst things to bear, my thoughts and prayers are with you."

 Ensure you use their name too. Names can feel uncomfortable to say when the person is deceased but it's very important to use them. Don'…

Dad Poem Gifts - from Toddler

I wrote this poem for Dads called 'Hold my hand daddy' as if it was written by their toddler son or daughter to celebrate Father's Day, birthday, Christmas or other celebration.

It is a super Father's Day, Dad poem gift and features along side it painted dad and toddler handprints. The daddy poem and handprint design is featured on a number of Father's Day gift items all of which can be personalized by adding the child's name and in some cases photos of the children, family, father.

 For more great poems for dad gifts from other designers and poets page down.

Dear DADDY Poem From Toddler Gifts

Fathers Day / Birthday POEM Gift from Toddler T-Shirt

Fathers Day POEM PHOTO Mug - Hold My Hand Daddy

Fathers Day Birthday POEM from Toddler Handprints Adult Apron

Fathers Day POEM Gift For Daddy From Toddler Named Glass

Hold My Hand Daddy Poem from Toddler PHOTO Gift Keychain

Hold My Hand Daddy Poem from Toddler PHOTO Gift Wood Panel
Birthday Fathers Day POEM from Toddler GO…

Stepdad, Stepfather Gift Ideas

STEPDAD - Customizable Thank You for everything Gifts
Wonderful range of gifts for Stepdads here from stepchildren whether they be stepson or stepdaughter, lots to choose from.

Some tell your stepfather how great he is others have special messages of thanks and appreciation, some feature award type designs and other customizable tshirts, mugs, pint glasses, keychains etc have images relating to parenting, fatherhood and family.

Personalize these awesome stepfather gifts by adding names and photos as desired.

These stepfather gifts can be given on the stepdads birthday, for Christmas, Father's day, retirement and any other occasion as desired. Stepdads are extra special and they deserve special recognition, say thank you and show your love in style with these fabulous gifts.

STEPDAD Happy Birthday Gifts

STEPDAD Clocks - neon bar, den, mancave

STEPDAD Happy Father's Day Gifts

STEPDAD 50th Birthday Gifts

Create Own World's Greatest HIM T-shirts - Custom You can change the IMAGE …

Secret Santa - Letter N

Secret Santa or just crazy about the letter N - there's a great list of affordable budget, novelty and serious gift ideas here for men beginning with the letter N! So whether it's for a coworker, colleague or boss, friend, school teacher or other, there will be something here for him!

Check out the most popular and trending N letter gifts via Amazon and my list below
Nail Clippers (Good practical gift, cheap - great stocking filler)Nail Manicure Kits (quality practical gift item)Nail BrushNose holders for spectacles, glass (great fun novelty item)Newspaper (brilliantly cheap novelty gift idea!)Nit comb (another funny joke gift idea, very cheap, bargain priceNeck tie (great idea - can be novelty or nice)Nutcracker (ideal for Christmas)Nectarine (ultra cheap gift beginning with letter N)Notebook (useful gift idea starting with N)NotepadNightlight (see the cool guitar shaped one from Amazon)Novel - playing fast and loose with gifts starting with letter N with this oneNightshirt (…

Gift Ideas For Programmers

Funny Coding T-Shirts and Mugs - page down for customizables I SEE DEAD PIXELS - Funny Programmer Coder Gifts Mug

They don't even know they're dead - Funny coffee mug for programmers and coders. Gift to friends, family, colleagues, coworkers for Birthday, Christmas, Retirement, Leaving, Farewell.

Male or female this is a funny coder 'in-joke' a play on the words of the famous Film starring Bruce Willis.

Also featuring this design are t-shirts and other mug styles.

Programmer Coder Gifts

Funny coding SUPERHERO graphic tshirts and gifts for Programmers, Coders, Computer nerds, geeks who are friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, boss. Gift for birthday, Christmas as a thank you, retirement, graduation or as a leaving, new job, farewell gift. You can change or add the text using the 'customize' tab. Great gift for male, female, man or woman coder.

FUNNY CODING SUPERHERO gifts - Count me in! Coffee Mug

Worlds Greatest PROGRAMMER - Not a Bug a Feature T-Shirt

Funny G…

Gift Ideas For Men

Personalized, Unique and Interest Themed Gifts For Husband, Dad, Boyfriend and more.  Featured here are my gift ideas for men. I've included in my gift guide a wide variety  of gifts that will appeal to lots of different age ranges and relationship types. Please add your gift idea suggestions in comments as I'm always keen to learn what makes the perfect gift for a man, teenage boy, boyfriend, boss etc.

Creative ideas for gifts for men as well as unique and funny gift ideas are encouraged as trends change so do men's interests and tastes, so we need to get this gift buying guide for men down! Let's make it rad!

Click on the images or ENTER here to view unusual personalized, customizable gifts for men available via top print on demand merchant ZAZZLE. Page down for my selection of Amazon gifts for men for specific guys such as grandpa, husband, dad, brother son, teenage boy, baby boy and more. Lots of gift occasions are covered here including birthday, Christmas, retirem…